We are the Number One specialist for machined, turning brass, special brass alloys, copper, red brass and lead-free brass.

Selected brass alloys are available and processed in full compliance with the strict hygiene regulations of the current Drinking Water Regulation and Standard DIN 50930-6, accompanied DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) certification or equivalent international standards.

Materials by area of application

Standard brass


Lead-reduced brass

CW617N / CW509L / CW510L

Dezincification resistant (DCR) brass

CW602N / CW511L / CW625N / CW626N / CW725N

Lead-free brass

CW724R (Cuphin, Ecobrass)

Gun metal

Rotguss RG5/RG7

Lead-free gun metal

RG+ / RGN (Licence Agreement)