Robot cells support post-processing steps.

Copper pipes are processed on pipe cutting and bending machines.

Assemblies can be joined in brazing stations.

METUSAN develops its own production facilities that are used to post-process turned and milled parts (e.g. rotary indexing tables, drilling and milling equipment).

Eccentric, stamping and deep-drawing presses are used to manufacture stamped and drawn parts from sheet metal.


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Tube bending machines

CNC tube bending machine BML Smart

  • 8-axis

  • Max. length: 500 mm

  • Pipe diameter: min. 6 mm to max. 28 mm

Conventional tube bending machine

  • Max. length: 1000 mm

  • Pipe diameter: min 10 mm to max. 22 mm

Hard brazing stations

  • Brazing stations

  • Induction process

  • In-house production of the inductors

  • Leak test

Post processing machines

  • Rotary indexing tables with drilling units

  • Rotary tables with thread cutting units

  • Clamping ring slitter

  • Seal drilling device

Pressing, Punching and deep drawing machines

  • Presses up to 35 tons

  • Workpiece diameter 200 mm

  • Material thickness max. 2 mm