DVORAK and METUSAN Group is one of the founding shareholders of the WMA (Weinviertel Mechatronik Akademie). WMA has a wide range of apprenticeship and training opportunities. The main focus is on practice during the learning process. The so-called learning projects with industrial partners like us enable young people to work on real projects.

Practical learning is ensured through the provision of state-of-the-art training rooms, laboratories and mechatronic workshops. Due to its cooperation with the AMS, the WMA is not only interesting for young people, but also offers adult education in the areas of technology, management, mechatronics and communication.

The success indicators of WMA are on the one hand the “Clusterland award” three years ago and on the other hand the high graduation rates. Often, even before the final apprenticeship exam, the partner companies take on young people in a regular apprenticeship.

Please find attached the latest article from the WMA and a report by Simon Jans who has now gained a foothold in the area of ​​quality assurance in METUSAN TURNING.