At the beginning of June 2020, Dr. Michael Fischer, MSc is appointed as management director of METUSAN TURNING GmbH.

After completing his master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Michael Fischer accomplished his doctorate in Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. From 2002, he held various commercial and technical positions at Bombardier, including 2006 to 2009 director for strategic and system procurement. From 2011 he headed product management and bid engineering, most recently the entire engineering area for trams and light rail vehicles. At 2015 he was managing director of Powerlines Products GmbH and headed the global product business.


At the end of 2018, he moved to the DVORAK group of companies and was responsible for international business development at Johann Dvorak Produktions-GmbH. He was initially the managing director of METUSAN FUTURE GmbH and has now also been appointed managing director of METUSAN TURNING GmbH on May 27, 2020 onwards.